my iaito

I acquired this sword from Taylor Sensei in Guelph in July of 2016. In so many ways it is not aesthetically what would I would have chosen had I the opportunity to get a custom sword made, but the first time I held it in the dojo, I knew this sword was mine. It felt right.

For the detail-oritened - it's 2.45 shaku, with dragonfly menuki and vines around the fuchi.

I read somewhere that samurai used to name their swords. I haven’t yet come up with a name for this iaito yet, but I figure that someday I’ll just know what’s right.

It also goes against custom for one to show one’s blade to people who are not also students of the budo arts – not to mention that hauling your blade out in a public place is illegal in some parts, it being a weapon and all. I hope this doesn’t violate custom!

I also need to take some better photos of it. One of these days.

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