All those things I wanted
The things that end in 'yet'
All the things I dreamed of
And the things that I will get
All the things I tried to be
And all the things I am
All the things I can't do
And all the things I can
All of what has built up
And all of what fell through
All of what has happened
And all of what is new
All of what I asked for
And all the things I fought
All of what's come freely
And all of what I bought
All of what has hurt me
And all of what has not
All the skin I live in
And all the air I breath
All the sins committed
For which there is reprieve
All the things I've tucked away
And all the songs I've sung
All the memories I have kept
And the words upon my tongue
All the pictures that I've painted
And the pavements that I've walked
All the times I have kept silent
And all the times I've talked
All the things promised
And all of what's forgot
All of what's remembered
And all of what was taught
All of what was learned then
And all of what was done
All of what has passed to past
And all of what's to come

2001 08 10 - 12:50