Today I...

Today... today I watched with keen interest, listened with surprise, read with intrigue, laughed heartily, and wept with anguish.

Today... today I flashed with anger, felt nauseous with disgust, felt weighted by envy, weak with angst, and learned a profound truth.

Today... today I spoke with honesty, opened a door, felt elated, remembered the past, feared the future, and helped a friend.

Today... today I was inspired, felt downtrodden, lifted, fell, was ignorant, understood, was pleased, was hurt, felt ugly, and longed for loveliness.

Today... today I did something destructive, did something with potential, birthed a dream, killed a hope, wished for love, gave a hug, ached, soothed, woke, slept, ate, and hungered.

2001 10 04 - 19:30