The One-Armed Man

The One-Armed Man was in his usual spot next to the Cheapies record store (and yes, they still sell vinyl, bless them) today. He was wearing his very dark orange and black, way too long, somewhat tie-dyed hippy shirt, has about the scruffiest looking beard in existance, and is far too thin for his own good. He was, as usual, asking people for spare change. Like usual I gave him some, wished him a good day, and went on about my business. He was still there when I came out of the store, so I gave him another two dollars.

That might seem overly generous, but The One-Armed Man has one thing most other street beggars don't have - he's got politeness. He never fails to ask me how I am, or have something to say. He's always been nice to me, even complimented me on my purple hat one time.

Apparently, so he says, he used the first bit of money to help buy him a ticket to go to the movies to see, I think it's called Windtalkers - it's got Nicholas Cage in it. I know he used some to buy coffee, because I saw him do it. Whatever. It makes no difference to me what he does with the money. I just thought it was cool he volunteered to tell me what he'd done with the money - and, you know, I believe him.

2002 06 23 - 10:41