100 Words

Many moons ago I used to participate in a constrained writing project called 100 Words. It's been ages since I've done so, but after finding their new site by accident yesterday during a search for summat else, I've decided I'm going to try my hand at it again.

Constrained writing is a literary practice by which a writer must abide by certain rules or restrictions when composing a piece (writing a novel using only words without the letter "e", confining oneself to certain word patterns, palindromes, et cetera). This particular project only restricts you in word count; you can write prose, verse, fiction, realism, use it as a journal, an educational aide, anything you like so long as you confine yourself to an entry that is no more or less than one hundred words.

I've always enjoyed this particular project. I found, after a time, it taught me a more effective use of language, how to be concise without losing any quality or flavour; and, contrary to the misconceptions of some, it is not at all difficult to say something of value in even that kind of constrained condition. At one point I even used this technique as the basis for a project I had to complete for a university course I was taking, and the professor was so taken with the concept that he planned to suggest to the department that the course materials be altered to make this type of project done in this fashion, required for everyone who took the course.

Now to get to work on my vocabularly so I can write univocalic verse without see-spot-running it.

2007 08 24 - 12:24

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