Every once in a while my job actually yields a minor reward (other than my paycheque, which I feel could be vastly weightier than it is). This morning was one of those days, however small the reward.

We deliver a lot of food for people for places that don't have delivery service (like McDonald's) and even some that do when they're overloaded. Food orders are especially common right after the various social assistance cheques roll in (and I am not going to touch the moral questions regarding that) and on post-drunken Saturday and Sunday mornings because the previous night's bender really did you in. You can tell when the order is the breakfast version of the walk of shame outfit. Sometimes people who order the food give us the wrong address to deliver it to, and sometimes they either don't answer their doors or their phones. So, no food for them. It means that sometimes we benefit from the situation if the driver doesn't decide to keep the food himself or the restaurant can't reimburse him for the bill. (Some places will, like Tim Hortons if, for example, your driver mistakes the lg shortform for large as 19 and brings you 19 cups of tea. Don't get me wrong, I love tea, but that's too much of a trial even for my adoration to bear.)

Today it just happened to be several breakfast bagel sandwiches from McDonalds that we did try to deliver, but after six attempts to get them to answer the phone, we gave up. They actually did call looking for their munchies, but got bent out of shape when we told them that the person who answered the door at the address they gave us told our driver they didn't order anything.

Very handy for me, given that by the end of my overnight shift, I was starving.

2009 07 05 - 09:12

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