Trials, Tribulations, Ontario Photo ID and the horse you road in on and so's your mother and jam it

... in your jello.

So, the Ontario government makes us get photo health cards. I’m not against the idea, I just wish they’d make them more useful - because in so many ways and places they aren’t considered legal, binding, or acceptable as government ID, even though they’re made by the government, issued by the government, and required by the government for health services.

So, that said…

When I was given a conditional offer of employment last week - conditional on a background check to make sure I’m legally allowed to work in Canada and not some kind of axe-murdering pedophilic serial rapist killer (though apparently the employer doesn’t discriminate) - I had no functional primary ID since I don’t have a license and my passport has expired. This leaves the Ontario Photo ID card which I don’t have. I was supposed to get one a while ago, but times being what they are and have been, I figured eating was a tad more important.

So, today I go and order the ID card and pay the $35 (whereas the health card is free) and take evidence of such to the employer so they can go right on ahead and make sure I’m not a psychopathic klepto, only to be told that they’ve just found out that the health card can be used as a form of primary ID.

Someone owes me $35 dollars and an hour back on my life.

2013 04 30 - 22:21

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