Death Diamonds

It never occurred to me until a few minutes ago, but I have just solved two problems with one stone. Literally.

Now, there are two things I dislike - diamonds and wasting land on burying dead bodies. The former is simply a reaction to people being duped by the diamond industry into thinking that diamonds are somehow a traditional necessity when marrying. They aren't. You were suckered into believing so by people who wanted to sell diamonds. As a wedding tradition they are no more culturally and historically relevant than a greeting card holiday. As for burial, what the hell do you need to bury a body for anyhow? You are wasting land on an overcrowded planet, poisoning that land with the chemicals you use to 'preserve' the body, and for what? Respect? You're propping up an industry that doesn't need to exist. You show better respect for the dead by living decently, than you do by putting them into the ground where they serve no purpose, won't rot into future fossil fuels, and waste thousands of acres of deeply valuable real estate that could be better used growing food. But hey, consumerism wins every time, right?

For many years people have had their dead relatives compressed into lab-made diamonds. Now, I hate the damned things, but if you're hot to have one, a life gem costs about $3000 for the cheapest version - and that's a hell of a lot less money than you'll spend on a funeral.


And yes, I have researched it, and since body donation is not an option, BodyWorlds is not an option, bodyfarm is not an option, I am going to have myself rot naturally in the organic burial ground in Brampton. Not my first, second, nor even third option, but none of the other options are options at all, so this is it.

2015 05 15 - 00:51

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