This is the kata I learned yesterday.<br /><br />I only hit myself in the face once!

This may look simple, but as you step forward and draw the sword from the saya, you need to turn the saya and sword such that when fully drawn and swung up over the head, the ha (cutting edge) swings through your opponent from hip to shoulder, and thus the mune side of the blade (the back edge) is initially facing forward when swung up over the head. You then turn the blade around so that you can do a second diagonal cut along the kesa – the diagonal line of the monk’s robe (opponent’s gi) from shoulder to hip.

Incidentally, this man is a) going to be teaching at the Iaido seminar I’m going to in March, and b) will be selling me my very own big girl sword.

2016 02 05 - 09:11

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