I'm a frayed knot

My ability to tolerate my job rapidly decreases by the hour.

Seemingly endless hours, one call after the other, the same rote script each time, read to people who have about as much interest in what I'm selling as I have in being lobotomised and having my gums extracted. So, when the ladies from HR came around the call centre letting everyone know about an opportunity to do customer support for Best Buy, I leapt on it like a leaping thing that leaps on a thing it really wants - like a drowning person on a life-raft, a chocoholic onto an After Eight bar (I just ate one, so it's on my mind). After the HR preliminaries, my second interview was set up for 8 p.m. this evening.

It is now 8:48 p.m.

The phone has not rung.

I smell an issue; one that I'm not much liking.

I absolutely need this to pan out, or for something to pan out, because I can't deal with my job the way it currently is. I'm not alone in this either. Everyone's frayed.

2017 03 03 - 00:00