Ink Drawings

Although many of the pieces created in this manner started as coloured pencil drawings years ago, I wanted to recreate them using materials that would better stand the test of time, as the pencils originally used were not lightfast and the paper was less than stellar. I am using technical vellum or a partly translucent bond paper to draw on, using India and other archival inks to create the images. Using various objects to draw against and around, and freehand lines, and without a specific plan, I begin to put lines on the paper, doing so until it feels right to stop. And the image is there. Sometimes it takes a while to see what is there, but sometimes what's there emerges instantly.

It is a never-ending source of amazement to me, how such simple lines can convey so much movement and emotion, and how they can also convey such complex things.

cat dragonfly

Cat / Dragonfly


Dancer 1


Dancer 2



onion eater

Onion Eater

2017 03 05 - 23:37