Vroom vroom

When I was about a year old, a member of the family passed away - a great-grandfather, I think. They took me to the funeral home and let me crawl around on the floor.

I crawled around the displays of flowers, and while everyone was worried and warning, that the infant would knock something over, my mother says that I reached out my hand and touched the petals with barely a whisper of a touch, with this open-mouthed look on my face like I'd never seen anything like it before.

This was before my first eye surgery - I had cataracts, so life was a bit of a blur. All I saw in front of me was this riot of colour. I was mesmerism's by it. Maybe it's why I'm an artist now.

My mother says that she saw the same look on my face when I would talk about driving the racecar.

So, in honour of tonight's Aussie GP season opener, here's me driving the racecar. For proof, you can confirm with my friend Brian. He took the picture.


Ooh, and they still offer the class.

2017 03 25 - 23:16

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