If I sing you a song, will you sing along

I haven't sung in front of another person, except a line or two as a joke, in years. My piano player got himself a non-musical day job with crazy hours, and rightly so, it was good for him to do it, but we'd already lost our rehearsal space anyhow, so there was no one for me to work with.

Hamilton might be stuffed to busting with jazz musicians of varying stripes, but ... well, let's just say that it wouldn't work well, and leave it at that.

So, since I hadn't a musician to play with, and couldn't find one of the sort I needed, singing went by the wayside. People kept telling me to do karaoke, which I fucking loathe, but I don't find that to be a fulfilling use of my time. I know it would help me get over my unreasonable dislike of singing in front of other people, but karaoke machines don't always guarantee pitch and the version of the song as you're to doing it, and guarantee only that you're likely to rip that band-aid off in front of a lot of people that are too drunk to care what you're doing, and whom you'll likely never see again.

I wanted to take some voice training to fill the gap, but couldn't afford it until quite recently, so that's what I'm doing tonight - first session with a fabulous local who's more than got the chops. I hope we mesh.

Hence, also, the song deliberation. I need to pick some things to work on during our session - so I'm going for the simplest stuff I already know - except the Cole Porter. That song's got some weird timing, I'll tell ya.

2017 03 27 - 23:10

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