You wear it well

The process of dressing before entering the dojo - putting on the keikogi, the obi, tying the hakama, setting it all right - helps to shift you from being 'out there' to being 'in here' - in the dojo, and in the right frame of mind for what you're going to do.

Appearance is important on a lot of levels - respect for others as much as respect for the self and for the art. If you look like crap, it's like telling your fellow budo that you have no respect, either for yourself or them. Your appearance also affects your performance. If you're dressed sloppily, it's thought that you'll perform sloppily. During an all-day seminar, for example, things loosen and shift, so I take every opportunity to go to the ladies and take everything off and put it all back on again. Fresh dressing resets everything, resets the mind, helps you feel ready again.

In some aspects of the translation of the Kanji that make up the word Iaido, even, it means "a state of preparedness/readiness". Really that refers to being prepared for the attacker, but readiness includes more than just how fast you're able to get your hands on your sword.

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