Pretty Enough

Someone once said to me that my art was pretty enough for something you were going to hang above a couch (which, I think, is the goal of many artists - to be bought and hung above someone's couch). It came out as a criticism, and not in a constructive way. At the time I let the comment slide, because I've never told someone to go fuck themselves to their face; but that was precisely what ran through my mind - especially since they very quickly followed it with comments about how artists are "elevated". Are they, now? That's the sort of attitude that makes non-artists hate the art world; that over-lofty ego.

I never took this person's comment about my art to heart though, nor took it seriously; but it did solidify something I already knew: Not all good art has to bear a message, or have any other impact than to be pleasing to the eye. We can't all be Picasso, or Kandinsky, or Pollock. There's not a damned thing wrong with not being a groundbreaker. If you are one, good for you. I applaud you and your skills.

I do not like "artiste" ego. Never have. I think it's part of my long-time distaste for posturing of any kind. I know we're all guilty of it to an extent; but some folks whip that horse 'til it froths at the mouth. I enjoy people who enjoy their work, and enjoy making that work.

2017 07 07 - 20:59

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