Coloured Pencils

I have acquired an obscene stockpile of coloured pencils over the last five months - but, that's ma thang creatively these days, and now I have enough coloured pencils to last me years. I have:

* Prismacolor Premier
* Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor (oil based coloured pencil)
* Derwent Inktense (which are more a solidified water-soluble ink)
* Derwent Coloursoft
* Derwent Artist
* Derwent Studio
* Derwent Drawing
* Derwent Metallic
* Derwent Graphitint (water-soluble tinted graphite)
* Derwent Tinted Charcoal (water-soluble tinted charcoal)
* Koh-I-Noor Polycolor (oil based coloured pencil)
* Caran D'Ache Luminance (but only a handful)
* Faber-Castell Polychromos (oil based coloured pencil)

This doesn't include the pastels, tinted graphite and charcoal cakes, Conte sticks, soft pastels, PITT pens, sketching pencils, water soluble crayons, or coloured ink blocks that I've got. What I do not have, is an artist grade set of watercolour pencils; though I do have my eye on the Caran D'Ache Supracolor IIs linked below. You can see why it's only my eye I've got on them.

While the Faber-Castells are definitely the most expensive full set I've acquired so far, Caran D'Ache products are pricier. They're the top o' the line. I think Holbeins might be pricier, but they're hard to get in Canada. I'd have to order them from the U.S. most likely; but I won't even entertain the idea until I can find a reliable lightfastness chart for them. Pricey or no, I don't spend a king's ransom on a product that doesn't have reliable lightfastness. That's why, out of all the sets above, I've removed and given away any item that doesn't have a high enough rating. The Derwent Artists and Studio were bought singly and shipped from the UK, so I could avoid being stuck with more products that were not lightfast than I absolutely had to be. Still cheaper than buying full sets, even with the 20 pounds for shipping.

If you want some good information about coloured pencils, you can visit Coloured Pencil Topics, which is very in-depth, but awful to navigate. It's set up poorly, and laid out poorly, but is a really good resource. (2017 07 24) I've also found Colored Pencil Info, but haven't had time to look through it all yet. They seem to have info on a wide variety of pencils, including the lower-end brands.)

What's going to be a curious and lengthy project, is the colour swatch charts I'm going to have to make one of these days - because none of these brands is going to do a colour the same way any of the others do, which is why I got them all. Everyone's green is different, y'see.


I rolled my change and ordered the 72 set KOH-I-NOOR Mondeluz Aquarelles. I had a lot of change.

2017 07 19 - 12:13