Fill Watercolour Pans With Derwent Inktense Blocks, ArtBars, Watercolour Tube Paint, Watercolour/Pigment Stick, Other Wet Media that can be reactivated, Etcetera

If you decide that you're only going to use your various types of paint sticks as paint with a brush, rather than freehand to draw with, then here's some notes on how you can cut them down and put them into watercolour pans. This allows you to create multiple sets from one package of Inktense Blocks, for example, so that you can have a set for home and one for travel. How you cut and fill, though, is up to you. Please note that all of the instructions are based on using full pans, not half pans. Whichever you choose, is up to you.

You will need:

Now, to work:

If there's anything I've left out, please don't hesitate to email me so I can add it to the sheet.

UPDATE 2018 11 04

Things I've learned so far.

Brands used include:

From left to right: Derwent ArtBar, Derwent Inktense Block, Rembrandt Watercolour (tube), and Daniel Smith Watercolor Stick

UPDATE 2018 11 04

On the left are gouache, watercolours, and watercolour sticks. On the right are artbars, inktense blocks, inktense paint pans.

2018 05 31 - 19:42

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