No taikai

People have wondered why I won't do taikai; and, outside of disliking that kind of public scrutiny, here's the reason: I don't compete.

I don't fear competition, at least not any more than anyone else does, it just doesn't hold any sway for me. Doing something better than the next person, doesn't tell me I've done my best, it only tells me I've done better than someone else. I don't need that; at least not in that way. I can find some other way to measure success. When I have been put in the position of competing before, I never strive. I don't feel pushed to push myself. It's like so many other things I find distasteful - I just want it over as fast as possible. I guess I just don't have an adversarial spirit in that way. Don't get me wrong, I don't find it entirely unpleasant to sometimes come out on top; I just don't need to beat someone else in that way to do it.

I need to beat myself; to get past my plateaus; to conquer my own self. Iaido is uniquely suited to doing just that. No taikai is going to do that for me.

2018 06 08 - 19:03