Balancing Act

It occurs to me to wonder why a 'balanced budget' is an end goal at all. It's a phrase that only sounds good in a sound bite. Budgets only balance in an accountant's wet dream; and, balance doesn't necessarily mean anyone's going to benefit in any way at all.

Cutting services to pad the pockets of the rich, balances a budget - but it isn't any favour to those who need those services.

Balancing a budget only serves the budget - not the people who have to live under it. Quality of life should win out; and any business knows, sometimes you need to run a deficit.

Balancing a budget is a buzzword that's easy to use to 'scare' or 'hype' people with, because the average person really doesn't dig behind the face value of most of what's presented to them.

Balancing a budget doesn't mean there wasn't enough money there to begin with, or that there'll be enough money after the hatchetman gets through with his 'balancing' act.

I don't give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut if a budget is balanced - I want to know that people are taken care of, that what money is there is being used wisely or at least for decent reasons, and that the government isn't merely a population of twats.

2018 07 11 - 18:28

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