I prefer

humour to comedy
tea to coffee
being a night person to being a day person
Friday to Saturday
Hafiz to Rumi
bar shows to arena shows
beer to wine
pepper to salt
punk to metal
cool days to warm
urban to rural
crunchy peanut butter to smooth
spring/autumn to summer/winter
political left to political right
social liberalism to social conservativism
atheism to religion
subtle to gross
black to white
Dune to LoTR
blunt/direct to overly careful
trains to planes
navel to clementine
green grapes to red/purple
savoury to sweet
drama to comedy
clever to crude
chicken to turkey
Austen to Bronte
being guest to host
pie to cake
milk chocolate to dark
flat shoes to heels
tree shade to sunbathing
reading while sitting to lounging
The Clash to the Sex Pistols
Madam Secretary to Scandal
abstract/surrealism to realism
acrylic to oil
printmaking to painting

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2018 08 08 - 01:05