Low Vision

I was compelled by one of my eye doctors to see a low vision specialist today - one of those folk from the CNIB who discusses the availability of various assistive devices - none of which I've ever used, as most of them were more trouble to integrate into my life than it was for me to just cope without them.

We talked about the issue of trying to have people understand that glasses don't correct vision all the time, especially with severe cases like myself. I mentioned to her something that someone said to me once, about how there's only one key that will fit a lock; so the glasses I have are the key that fit my lock. Stronger glasses won't help me see better, any more than bigger shoes would help me walk better.

She did show me this awesome text enlarger that, while useless to me for every day reading, would be completely awesome for reading labelling on packages - this reader can even change the colour of the text/background on the screen it has, to make things more legible - switching from a white on black, to black on white, to yellow on black, and a few other colour combos. I think I'm going to get one of those. A little less of a pain in the ass than my current method of taking a picture with my phone and zooming in to read.

2018 08 20 - 20:34

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