I wish I could abandon Canada Post

I'm developing a hate for Canada Post.

They don't deliver packages to my door as they used to, but pretend they did and say they left a card, which they either don't or it arrives the next day. Since the closure of the postal outlet around the corner from me I now have to go to the mall to pick everything up since Canada Post won't redeliver anything. This is becoming a massive pain in the ass.

They aren't required to climb more than one flight of stairs to deliver, so they would often just buzz me from the lobby and I'd go down to get the package. I was fine with that. And since I'm home most of the time, since what work I do I do from home, there's rarely any reason for them not to put a package in my hands directly.

I'm really starting to understand why people can't see the justification of keeping them in existence. Service gets worse and worse every year. I tried to contact their customer service, and instead of an explanation of why the item wasn't delivered to my door given I'm home, all I get is endless apologies.

I don't want your apologies. I want my package.

I suppose the only thing I can do at this point, and I encourage everyone to do it, is to request from all the companies you buy from that they stop using Canada Post as a delivery service.

2019 09 17 - 10:59

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