Strategic voting is bullshit. Stop it.

This may offend or hurt some dear people, so please accept my pre-emptive apology, because I'm not having at you, but at something you profess that I hear from too many sources.

Strategic voting is corporate-sounding clap-trap, and trickling it down into governmental voting might sound intelligent, but it is such garbage bullshit, and a tool used to weaponise your vote against you. Stop it.

If every person I've recently heard say they were going to vote Liberal just to keep Scheer out, and paired that desire with the "strategic voting" concept, actually spent that vote on the Greens or NDP instead, the Liberals wouldn't win, nor would the Conservatives. I get it. You're worried, sickened, and afraid of that right-wing twat Scheer becoming PM. Some of you are in the other camp and want to vote for Scheer to keep Trudeau out, because he's an idiot with about the cultural sensitivity of a cement slab it seems.

There are other choices. I've said that so many times I'm sure some folk are sick of it. But this continued Lib-Con see-saw is going to kill off the beauty of a system that allows for multiple parties, and multiple parties with an actual presence. There are other choices. We've made sure there are. We embrace the fact that there are. Why the fuck, then, are you people throwing your votes away on fear? Why not stop voting for old, white men who want to cling to the status quo when the status quo is what's killing us?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So stop doing the same thing. Let the old guard die out of the limelight like they deserve.

2019 09 21 - 13:21

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