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  • Miru
    My body knows better than I do what it's supposed to be doing, apparently. In class today we did some exercises, some of the waza even, with our eyes closed. We'd switch f
  • Weapon Wednesday
    I’m having breakfast in the mall today (because who wouldn’t for $1.56 tax included?), and thinking about how lightweight I feel. It’s Wednesday – Sword Day – so normally
  • Beginning
    When I started Iai back in July of 2015, I had no idea what to expect. I’d been out for a coffee with a friend who’d lived in Japan for 14 years, and mentioned to him in p
  • Headache
    Sharing a gym with a kendo club, is like sharing your livingroom with a military onslaught, and its sound effects crew. It’s the next morning, and I still feel pukey from
  • And so it begins...
    Ladies and gentlemen, I have successfully survived my first Iaido class. Huzzah!
  • Happy New Rooster Year
    Saturday afternoon we had a special New Year class with my sensei's sensei; a man that used to freak me out just by looking at him. I have since discovered he's a nice guy
  • Touched
    One of my least favourite things in the world, is being scrutinised - stared at. I don't like being 'on display'. It's part of why I don't sing in public. So, when I reali