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  • Holbein Coloured Pencils
    Only 131 of the 150 full set of Holbein coloured pencils are acceptably lightfast - either a two or three star rating, and this is the complete list of those colours. The
  • Coloured Pencils
    I'm going to detail some of the minutia of my obsession with coloured pencils; because I know you're all just as excited about that as I am. I know it. I can tell. Moving
  • Coloured Pencils
    I have acquired an obscene stockpile of coloured pencils over the last five months - but, that's ma thang creatively these days, and now I have enough coloured pencils to
  • Artist Grade Coloured Pencils
    I just had a brilliant product idea that I emailed Liquitex about (because that company loves the experimentin')... An artist grade line of coloured pencils (hopefully at