Entries tagged 'dreams'

  • Buzz kill
    So, I had this nap today where I dreamed a drone was buzzing my building taking photos through people's bathroom windows. Turns out, not so much. I found, upon being woke
  • The boys in the band
    Keith Richards and Nick Mason were trying to date me. For some reason, they were both in the same band. Diane's basement was attached to this very ritzy club. I accidental
  • Dream theme
    Another theme that seems to be cropping up in my dreams lately, is attacking appliances - specifically, fans. The one that came after me last night had heat-seeking and co
  • Conflagration
    I dreamed of fire that was destoying people's homes, mostly apartment buildings, one by one, and all I could think of was that it was going to take everything I had. I had
  • Out of a sound sleep
    I've woken up in the middle of the night for many reasons, but never before because I was laughing . Someone in my dream said something like "wankle my piston", or somethi
  • Joe Strummer Bakes in my Rock'n'Rose Dreams
    Someone I know was recently asking after dream interpretations. I'm not one to normally put a lot of stock in my dreams most of the time, past noting whether they were goo
  • Suisauce
    Modern people who lived like Romans were part of society. Not that they'd adopted that way of life like some kind of ancient form of the SCA, but that they'd just evolved
  • Rich dreamery butter
    Yesterday I had a dream about an old friend - one who'd disappeared without saying goodbye to anyone. In the dream we met by accident over a bargain bin in some department
  • Pope Lo
    So, the other night I dreampt I was the first female pope. Not that I was the actual first female pope , but the first one in modern times... in All Stars and ratty blue j
  • Safe
    Last night I dreampt that there had been an assasination. People huddled in groups in large foyers, people walking about sombre and whispering. No one would tell me what w
  • The Duke
    Last night I had the most bizarre dream... well, not bizarre, just odd. There's prehistory in a way, but none of this happens in the dream, though it's discussed. I had se
  • o/~ Dream a little dream of teeth o/~
    I just had the most bizarre dream. One of my teeth had come out; one that looked like a molar but for some reason was where the lower left eye tooh is. It was immense, but
  • And then I woke up...
    It's not uncommon for me to dream about people I know. It's not that it happens often, just that it's not weird when it does, but it will sometimes happen in clusters. I j
  • Thanks, but no thanks
    That was one doozy of an apocalyptic societal breakdown dream. My grandmother made an appearance, which she sometimes does: I was trying to find her, make sure she was saf
  • I wake from sleep, and take my waking slow
    So I'm awake after two dreams, one of which can only be described as a particularly disturbing cross between a horrific episode of The Next Generation and The Handmaid's T
  • The dreams in which I'm dying
    When I was a young woman of 19, I died. Now, once every few years I live the last night of my life over again in the dreams of someone who never knew me, and who doesn't k