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  • Fahrenheit 451 (2018) (film) - contains spoilers
    HBO recently released a new film adaptation of Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" - one of my favourite pieces of dystopian fiction - and I can honestly say that this film ve
  • Diva of Dissatisfaction
    I used to spend an enormous amount of time as a young person, staying up late watching movies on TV. Anything, really. It's how I developed a love for old Hollywood. Then,
  • Judgment at Nuremberg
    There are things that make me angry, or ill, or frustrated, or shocked, but there are very few things that can make me turn away with such abject feelings of nausea that h
  • Yellow Submarine
    Since its earliest days the film industry has translated works of literature, fictional and not, to film; everything from fantasies to biographies has been tackled in a va
  • The Bridge on the River Kwai
    I watched  The Bridge on the River Kwai last night; it's been some time since I've seen it. As someone pointed out, it, like other prisoner of war films, shows you somethi
  • Films 2005
    Here, as promised last New Year's, is a list of the films I watched in 2005. I did not count the times I watched things more than once, I may have forgotten to add a coupl
  • Battleship Potemkin: Yesterday we sliced up eyeballs; today it's maggot meat
    The first time I saw Battleship Potemkin I was immediately convinced of how unnecessary dialogue can be. None is required in order for you to grasp - or feel - what's goin
  • Huxley / Utopia
    The other day I made mention of the 1940 film production of Pride and Prejudice starring Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier. What I forgot to mention, then, was who wrote t
  • Lost In Translation: Pride and Prejudice x 3
    Whenever a popular novel hits the shelves, it's almost certain that a film version will follow. And it's equally certain to give rise to a debate: which was better, the fi
  • Closet monsters
    There's a lot more Post Traumatic Stress involving closet monsters than I had ever imagined. I had one, but it lived under my bed when I was eight or nine, and was caused
  • I'd Have Been Better OfF Rubbing Butter On A Lingam, or, Two Hours of My Life In A Film Time-Suck
    I've been a long-time devoted fan of the original Wicker Man film; so, when the remake came out I was, to put it as nicely as possible, skeptical. Original versions of fil
  • Sequintial
    The last time I watched the movie Robin Hood - the one with Errol Flynn of course, there can be no other - I noticed that he's got sparkles on his tunic. Now, I'm not the
  • Too scary
    Was there something you were afraid of as a child that just seems silly to you now? Totally, and I blame it all on Disney. When I was a wee, small thing I saw the movie Bl
  • Suspiria
    Until tonight I'd never seen Suspiria all the way through. I've always been interrupted. It's been a long time since the last attempt. So long, in fact, that I completely
  • Splendor in the Grass
    I really enjoy the film Splendor in the Grass , but so many parts of it are about as frustrating as parts of Rebel Without A Cause , and sometimes about as painful as A Ta
  • High Strung
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xcFZYdmiY8 I watched the film High Strung today, which was kind of awful (it's usually not much fun watching a film that was created solel
  • Jodorowsky's Dune
    I am never certain what I think of Jodorowsky. I don't know that I like what he does, but I am still intrigued and fascinated by it. So, because of that, and because one o
  • Divergent
    Being the great lover of dystopian fiction that I am, I have both read the Divergent books and seen the Divergent films. I just finished watching the last film, Allegiant
  • Theory of Obscurity
    I just watched Theory of Obscurity , a film about The Residents. I had a whole thing written about what I think of certain aspects of experimental music specifically, and
  • The emasculation of Asian men in popular culture
    I had a very interesting conversation today with a gentleman of Asian extraction, about the emasculation of Asian men in Western culture. Asian men can be doctors, compute
  • Dominion
    I've been watching the show Dominion (based on the film Legion ), the basic premise of which is that God's abandoned us all and there's a war going on between angels and h
  • Pixels
    I watched the stupidest thing last night. It was an Adam Sandler film, so right away you know stupid is involved. At least he wasn't being the idiotic version of him that
  • The Society
    I have an immense love for dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction - particularly the sort that concentrates on societal constructs. This is why I have read and seen all th
  • For Your Eyes Only
    I cannot count the number of times I've seen For Your Eyes Only . I prefer the older Bond films, there's something about the tone of them, and the graininess, but FYEO is
  • Rush
    I just finished watching the film Rush . I was not prepared for the flavour of the film. I had assumed something far more Hollywood was going to happen, but was pleasantly
  • Acid House
    Sooo... I'm sitting here watching Acid House , which is subtitled. The funniest thing about it so far, is that they aren't putting all the fucks in the subtitles - though
  • Musical / Clyde Gilmore
     Discovering today, that my grandmother likes Boy George, was almost as surprising as the time I found out she likes one or two Sex Pistols songs. (That was approximately
  • Paraphrased from John Forsythe...
    Was watching an interview clip of John Forsythe discussing the making of the film Lifeboat, in which he tells a nifty little ribald story of our Mr. Hitchcock. Apparently