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  • Shodan
  • Shodan
    In all my born days, I never imagined I'd ever say "I have a black belt" in something. Except for a brief flirtation with Tai Chi about ten years ago (something I'll event
  • Reiho
    I've talked about reiho before, but going into grading for shodan I need to do a written exam, and one of the questions is: Why is it important to learn reiho in Iaido? Th
  • Pre-grading Inspection
    I hauled myself out to Etobicoke today for a pre-grading inspection by my sensei's sensei. I have been pronounced fit for grading. Well, at least he never said I shouldn't
  • Passing the Test
    It's a bizarre mix of desire, trepidation, and impending vomit, when sensei tells you he wants you to test for shodan. When we are preparing for grading, we do endless run
  • On display
    I was not nervous on Saturday, in regards to performing the waza satisfactorily. I knew I would; or, rather, I wasn’t nervous that I wouldn’t. What did bother me was the i
  • Ikkyu
    I passed! I looked down once right after my first waza, to look for the tape – which should not do; and quickly after that I realised I lost the location of the tape entir
  • Grading / Reiho
    Fourteen more sleeps until my grading. I'm trying to decide if I'm nervous about it at all. I know they don't expect too much from people testing for ikkyu - do the waza i
  • Percolating
    I was halfway through this long thing I was going to post about my Iaido grading, when I realised I didn’t really want to share too much of it publicly after all. I will s
  • The evidence. My certificate arrives