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  • Reiho
    I really need to work on the niceties of my reiho. Not just because I could fail a grading for bad reiho faster than I would for mistakes in the waza, but also because it
  • Gyakuto
    In my dojo, during the summer months, we concentrate most of our time on koryu - reiho, waza, etcetera. So far this summer we've been learning some alternate versions of s
  • Iaido waza
    I put together a list of all the Iai waza that I know of, and stole some info off Wikipedia to flesh it out. To level the playing field, most everyone learns Seitei Iai wa
  • Junto
    In the first set of MSR koryu waza, there’s one called Junto. It approximates the movements one samurai would make when seconding another who’s committing seppuku – one fo
  • Ryuto
    Now that my sensei lets me play with the big kids, he’s teaching me the big kid wazas. Ryuto translates roughly to “flowing sword”, I believe.
  • Shohat-no
    Yesterday's evening at the dojo consisted of learning the difference between the seitei waza Ipponme Mae, and the koryu waza Shohatto. Life would be so much simpler had ta
  • Complete Introduction to Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido
    Aaaah ha! Found a video on the style of Iaido I’ve been studying. Most excellent. Shall have to acquire it for myself at some point. Addendum: I did eventually buy this, b
  • Iaido Weekend (Guelph, Etobicoke)
    Prior to taking up Iaido, I'd always used square knots in the right over left first fashion. A holdover, no doubt, from years in Brownies and Girl Guides. Right over left