Entries tagged 'language'

  • Words Shape Us
    Language colours you in ways you never realise. A language shapes a culture, as much as the culture shapes the language. Language shapes how you think, and the way in whic
  • Misuse of the word "rant"
    Rant is losing its meaning, and it is doing so because of clickbait. Due to clickbait and clickbait-like use of overly-emotional and grandiose terminology and other forms
  • Infinite Jest
    Reading Infinite Jest for a book club. There it is. Barely out of the bookstore but still in its shipping wrapper. Not having delved very far in as yet (owing to slow ship
  • Bitch
    After hearing one of my workmates, for the umpteenth time, claim her bitch status, I am compelled to point out for all concerned, that doing such a thing in no way kindles
  • Speaking in tongues
    If you were going to pick a super-power, any power, what would it be? Every time I see this question I answer the same thing - I want to be a universal translator. I want
  • Acid House
    Sooo... I'm sitting here watching Acid House , which is subtitled. The funniest thing about it so far, is that they aren't putting all the fucks in the subtitles - though