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  • Favourite films
    Someone in a forum I frequent posted asking for everyone's favourite films. This is by no means anything less than a herculean undertaking in some folks' cases. There can'
  • I prefer, v2, updated for your viewing pleasure
    I prefer citrus to berries humour to comedy bright light to mood light spongy pillows to feather barefoot to socks tea to coffee working from home to working in public bla
  • So far today
    I have run out of masking tape. One of my favourite songs involves toast. I sneezed on my mouse. I didn't realise I'd sneezed on my mouse until I touched my mouse. I have
  • Secular Saints - a work in progress
    This used to include musicians, but I think they'll need a list of their own. Whoever first thought of combining chocolate and peanut butter The inventor of cheesecake Foo
  • I prefer
    humour to comedy tea to coffee being a night person to being a day person Friday to Saturday Hafiz to Rumi bar shows to arena shows beer to wine pepper to salt punk to met
  • I believe
    that anyone who wants should be able to perform any sort of marriage rite they please that science, art, and the spiritual, are not mutually exclusive entities that each o
  • Everyone should know how to/how/have/understand...
    kill, prepare, and cook, an animal (we're far too dependant on the grocery store man). use our native language properly and well (this includes writing and speaking) know,
  • Two sides
    I love the sound of wind in the leaves. I hate the sound of fans. I love the distant sound of thunder. I hate the banging on the pipes of the refurbishment going on in the
  • Films 2005
    Here, as promised last New Year's, is a list of the films I watched in 2005. I did not count the times I watched things more than once, I may have forgotten to add a coupl
  • Week in Review
    Jobs lost: 1 Research job gained: 1 Number of oranges consumed: 3 Number of bottles of orange pop consumed: 2 Number of 99 cent pairs of earrings that arrived from China:
  • Week(end) in Review
    Number of federal elections voted in: 1 Number of times I made the same Doctor Who joke in one day: 3 Number of people I tried to get a hold of to babysit my food as my fr
  • Week-in-review
    Number of times I cut myself with a sword: 1 Number of colours I'm not allowed to wear any shade of on election day: 4 Number of things I saw in the back hallway of 255 Ki
  • Week In Review
    Number of swords my sensei let me take home to borrow until I get my own: 1 Number of times I told people how lovely I thought that was: 10 Number of absolutely fabulous c