Entries tagged 'memories'

  • Heirlooms - Saving things that can't be saved
    I had a brief interaction with someone today, who was lamenting that her upcoming move into a small apartment from where she's been living, meant that she'd have to give u
  • Je me souviens
    I tend to like watching things by marathon; whole seasons of a TV show, movie series, that sort of thing. When you work the hours I do, sometimes you end up with odd amoun
  • Flower power
    How proud we were as children, to bring mother a bouquet of butter flowers. We thought them flowers, everyone else called them weeds, then years later we find out that you
  • Things / Marie Kondo and the Privilege of Clutter
    Marie Kondo and the Privilege of Clutter I've been thinking of how little
  • I remember, mama
    My grandmother has to go to her first session at the heart and stroke clinic today, and part of what she needed to do beforehand was write up a medical history to take alo
  • The piper at the gates of dawn
    In life there are moments. A piece of time that captures all that is good, lovely, and profound. These moments can heal a soul, elate, and encapsulate some Zen-like, inexp
  • Did I remember?
    I remember little things... bowling alleys, Bugle chips, mis-dated birthday cards. I remember little things... a sip of wine, games of chess, and a silly song. I remember
  • Was / Am
    So, while I was sitting around looking for things that reminded me of yesterday, I discovered more than memories; I discovered a past full of stories and dreams. I discove