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  • Kilimanjaro Climb List
    Several years ago I became completely fascinated by a young man named George Atkinson who, at the age of 17, completed the Seven Summits Challenge by getting to the top of
  • Oddio
    Two buildings away from me is a restaurant that, over the years, has seen a few iterations; at one time being quite the jazz and blues club. For a long time, though, there
  • Pickle
    While my main focus is singing jazz, there are also some pop songs on the list - and blues. Here's the thing about the blues: You need to learn to growl, to scream, to rea
  • When You've Seen Beyond Yourself
    In 1966, the Beatles announced that they had retired from live performance. They had become bored with touring, and wanted to create an album that would do the touring for
  • Yellow Submarine
    Since its earliest days the film industry has translated works of literature, fictional and not, to film; everything from fantasies to biographies has been tackled in a va
  • Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards (Orphans)
    A three-part, so to speak, Tom Waits recording released last year, which I listened to for the first time yesterday in its entirety. It is comprised of rare tracks, but mo
  • Disgusteen
    I don't know how it happens in other parts of North America, but in my neck of the woods when someone drives by in a car with their music blaring, it is, ninety-nine perce
  • Jazzless
    On my way home from work tonight I stopped in at the pub to get a small bite to eat, and while I waited I was subjected to the live band of the night. By subjected, I mean
  • Sunday in the park with David and Leon
    Reading In finite Jest for a book club. Sitting in the park with the remains of my Oktoberfest sausage (with onions, if you please), the Best Lemonad in the Universe (no j
  • You can celebrate anything you want
    On the first day of the year when I can throw my windows wide to the world, there's this little ritual I like to perform - or, rather, tradition I like to indulge in. I pl
  • o/~ Lost in a riddle that was Saturday night o/~
    I enjoyed the supermoon (and that so needs to be the title or name of something - Supermoon) Saturday evening. Amongst its other beauties, it gave me an excuse to vacate t
  • Presto! Joy!
    Eighteen years ago tonight, I moved into this apartment. It was a brutally cold night, and the family members that helped me move probably wanted to kill me by the end of
  • Whip It
    Advertising, which a wise man once said was the science of arresting the human intellect long enough to gain money from it, is a big business that has led to such odd resu
  • Seventeen
    When I was 17 I met a boy named (we'll call him Midge, that's not his name, but you'll understand why I call him that - well, anyone over 40 might understand why). He was
  • Frampton Comes Alive!
    I had a  moment earlier, when I realised that people are now young enough not to know about - or understand - the Framptom Comes Alive phenomena. This, I thought, was one
  • Jazz
    I love jazz. This is not a secret - nor is the fact that I hate scat and bebop; but that's not important right now. I was reminded the other day, by a crack someone made,
  • Let's go to the hop
    The other day I was reminded of something I'd almost forgotten: simplicity. I'd gone over to my grandmother's to grab something to eat, but she was just leaving to go visi
  • Live shows
    I've always preferred club shows to arena shows. There's something neat about the energy of an arena show when the audience decides it's in tune with the artist, but small
  • Found it all right for kicks
    Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Buzzcocks? No? Let me correct that: I love the Buzzcocks. Way back in the misty dawns of time, as a teen discovering music other
  • Art Show Music
    Music is a powerful mood changer - it can make or break any situation. I used to work in a store that, oddly, played no music at all - which made the place feel cavernous
  • High Strung
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xcFZYdmiY8 I watched the film High Strung today, which was kind of awful (it's usually not much fun watching a film that was created solel
  • Theory of Obscurity
    I just watched Theory of Obscurity , a film about The Residents. I had a whole thing written about what I think of certain aspects of experimental music specifically, and
  • Willow Weep for Me
    Willow Weep for Me is one of the more complex songs on the jazz vocal repertoire. So much so, in fact, that when it was originally penned the writer had the devil's own ti
  • U2, Apple, and rock-and-roll as dystopian junk mail
    U2, Apple, and rock-and-roll as dystopian junk mail "That utopian philanthrocapitalist democracy that Bono is always stumping for will also be a place where your belonging
  • Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk
    Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk You know how sometimes you buy a book and you never get around to reading it? Years ago I bought this book, and didn't
  • If I sing you a song, will you sing along
    I haven't sung in front of another person, except a line or two as a joke, in years. My piano player got himself a non-musical day job with crazy hours, and rightly so, it
  • That which does not kill me, only serves to make me laugh the next afternoon
    I think I've only once had a near-death experience (well, outside that time I almost choked on bacon fat, or the time the van hit me whilst I tried to cross the road to ge
  • Camden and Crowes
    Last year, during my visit to Blighty, I did the shopping trip to Camden Market for my DMs. I have said DMs, have just in fact taken them off, and bought (with Anna's insi
  • U2 in review
    Finally, after many years of waiting (too many, I think), I got to see U2. That was the main reason for going to Montreal; seeing the city came barely a close second! (Tha
  • Musical / Clyde Gilmore
     Discovering today, that my grandmother likes Boy George, was almost as surprising as the time I found out she likes one or two Sex Pistols songs. (That was approximately
  • A live addiction
    Spinning trapeezes with scantily clad women; raised platforms with more of the same; women dancing in feathers and under a giant wedding gown; a sneaking ninja; glow in th
  • If you can sing, sing out loud
    Despite the fact that going for walks doesn't much thrill me (well, I don't mind it if I'm not alone), I went out for a little walk with my grandmother this evening. Just
  • Say-so
    Just having heard Neil Young's Southern Man on the radio, reminds me that After The Goldrush is one of the only two albums I've ever bought totally on the recommendation o
  • Face the face
    Every Sunday night Q107 does a history of rock show, followed by live concert recordings of rock bands/singers. Usually they do two every show. Most of the stuff was appar
  • All the world's creatures, Draw joy from nature's breast
    It was a bitterly cold day, and the night wasn't any better. We all bundled in thick coats to brave it, and began the tedious task of packing my belongings into a truck fo