Entries tagged 'poetry'

  • Bertrand's Constraint
    I'm a huge fan of constrained writing, of which there are so many forms, I'm not going to get into them here. That said, you'll find that some of the most common forms of
  • The Love Song of Robert Pruplant
    I combined Stairway to Heaven and T. S. Eliot's The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock . Let us go then, you and I, To meet that lady who would buy, Spread against the evening
  • Angels of Harlem: An analysis and comparison of Langston Hughes' "Jazzonia" and "The Weary Blues"
    To some, the name Harlem conjures up images of a depressed ghetto, a place where the disadvantaged are shuffled where once they had willingly flocked with the promise of a
  • Barton
    The sun in the sky Like an alien craft Skimming the clouds So grey The most colourless grey No heat The sun and its wake Sub shop Scrap yard Used up Used Beer store Church
  • Hey, you - me and Pink Floyd
    Hey you, (1) Out there in the cold, Getting lonely, getting old, Can you feel me? The years are winding, and winding on, Time passes, and I'm lingering, Waiting. Hey you,
  • Knowing
    I take a risk, Knowing. I take a chance, Knowing. I walk forward, Knowing. My eyes are opened, Knowing. I am strong, Knowing. I am afraid, Knowing. I choose, Knowing. I de
  • Today I...
    Today... today I watched with keen interest, listened with surprise, read with intrigue, laughed heartily, and wept with anguish. Today... today I flashed with anger, felt
  • All
    All those things I wanted The things that end in 'yet' All the things I dreamed of And the things that I will get All the things I tried to be And all the things I am All
  • Four-letter words
    Like is a four-letter word, Linking in kindred empathies. Love is a four-letter word, Like opulent, voluptuous entanglement. Hate is a four-letter word, Helps aggravation
  • Unintentional quasi-haiku
    The point of changing, Is rearranging what was, Into what will be.
  • When We Were Young
    Oh when we were young, And the future was only tomorrow, When all we saw, Was a brand new day, And all we knew of sorrow, Was yesterday. Oh when we were young, And hope me
  • Kind
    Kind      is of like-mind      to be generous      and considerate      to share a gift      and give a word      of goodness      of comfort
  • Did I remember?
    I remember little things... bowling alleys, Bugle chips, mis-dated birthday cards. I remember little things... a sip of wine, games of chess, and a silly song. I remember
  • Ode To The Future
    So here I am, one day behind, One day behind myself, Here I am, one step back, From the place I want to be standing. Here I am, a lifetime ago, With mumbled memories, With