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  • Reiho
    I've talked about reiho before, but going into grading for shodan I need to do a written exam, and one of the questions is: Why is it important to learn reiho in Iaido? Th
  • Reiho
    I really need to work on the niceties of my reiho. Not just because I could fail a grading for bad reiho faster than I would for mistakes in the waza, but also because it
  • Grading / Reiho
    Fourteen more sleeps until my grading. I'm trying to decide if I'm nervous about it at all. I know they don't expect too much from people testing for ikkyu - do the waza i
  • Iaido Weekend (Guelph, Etobicoke)
    Prior to taking up Iaido, I'd always used square knots in the right over left first fashion. A holdover, no doubt, from years in Brownies and Girl Guides. Right over left