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  • Bringing God into it? Don't.
    Why is it that whenever a traumatic event happens in a TV show, people run to the chapel for comfort? It's particularly prevalent in anything involving a hospital. Even no
  • Mystery and Messiah: Parallels between the mystery cults of the Hellenistic era and Christianity
    The Hellenistic period in the history of Greece stretched from the death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C.E. to Macedonian Greece's fall to Rome in 146 B.C.E. It gave ris
  • Yahweh or the Highway – Christianity’s Split from Judaism
    During the modern age, it is often easy to forget that Christianity was not always separate from Judaism, nor so defiantly different. There has also been a tendency to for
  • Coming back
    I've never given much thought to what I'd want to come back as if I were to come back as anything at all, mainly because reincarnation is a thing that requires a type of b
  • Fracas of faith
    As to whether the universe is evolved or designed intelligently, I have to go with the former. How we could stick the term 'intelligent design' to anything that is so awkw
  • I'll gladly pray you Tuesday for some absolution today
    Today marks the 28th anniversary of the last time I went to confession. I was raised Catholic, you see - though never very devoutly nor consistently. I believe I made some
  • Dominion
    I've been watching the show Dominion (based on the film Legion ), the basic premise of which is that God's abandoned us all and there's a war going on between angels and h
  • Through the desert on a horse with no name
    Here's something that's always mystified me a little - well, not so much mystified as boggled. One day, a man is riding through the desert on his horse, he falls off his h
  • You Can’t Quote Leviticus to Prove God Hates Homosexuality
    You Can’t Quote Leviticus to Prove God Hates Homosexuality I was looking for something completely different, and found this. Interesting. "The standard Biblical case again