Entries tagged 'respect'

  • How to get a good/bad transcription
    Transcriptionists/transcribers sometimes perform feats that seem magical, but there's a lot of damned hard work that goes on to make it seem that way. When you spend your
  • Naughty or nice
    I'm sure that there are enormous numbers of people who think that I'm not patient, nor kind, nor generous, nor nice. None of those things are true. I can be all those thin
  • You wear it well
    The process of dressing before entering the dojo - putting on the keikogi, the obi, tying the hakama, setting it all right - helps to shift you from being 'out there' to b
  • The Hospital
    When I used to volunteer at the hospital I got very good at "not noticing" things. There are things you just don't see, in order to preserve what might be the last shreds