Entries tagged 'scrutiny'

  • Get me off this stage
    Every once in a while my sensei makes us teach - to explain a waza, to refine a point, etcetera. I loathe this. I don't mind teaching or explaining, but only to one person
  • Pickle
    While my main focus is singing jazz, there are also some pop songs on the list - and blues. Here's the thing about the blues: You need to learn to growl, to scream, to rea
  • Touched
    One of my least favourite things in the world, is being scrutinised - stared at. I don't like being 'on display'. It's part of why I don't sing in public. So, when I reali
  • Clang
    I accidentally hit someone else’s sword in class today… with my sensei’s sword… while people were looking. I do okay when I’m only being observed by my sensei or whichever