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  • Reiho
    I really need to work on the niceties of my reiho. Not just because I could fail a grading for bad reiho faster than I would for mistakes in the waza, but also because it
  • Iaido waza
    I put together a list of all the Iai waza that I know of, and stole some info off Wikipedia to flesh it out. To level the playing field, most everyone learns Seitei Iai wa
  • Shiho-giri
    Because I did my testing from a standing position, I was not allowed to use standing versions of waza that begin from seiza/tate-hiza, so that limits me to choosing from e
  • Tsuka-ate
    I managed to do this waza repeatedly today, without putting my sword through my sleeve again. I consider that progress. That starting position is called tate hiza - hiza i
  • So-giri
    This is absolutely my favourite waza to watch done by others... … it is not so much fun doing it myself. … especially not when both of your palms are bruised, and several
  • Nuki-ouch
    Today I also stayed for the advanced class. How to put this… It’s a damned good thing I’m not working with a shinken, because I would have cut my left arm off at least onc
  • Sanpo-giri
    I also learned how to strike down three annoying people at one go. Look out, world. I work in a call centre. You can imagine how handy this will be.
  • Morote-zuki
    The source of last night’s imbalance - placement of feet on the two turns - which are not the same, though they look similar.
  • Shiho-giri
    I will take any hour in the dojo with my sword in my hand that I can get. I don't care who's leading the class. I'll share the dojo with kendo, which - as I've said before
  • Kesa-giri
    This is the kata I learned yesterday.I only hit myself in the face once! This may look simple, but as you step forward and draw the sword from the saya, you need to turn t
  • Ganmen-ate
    Something in my mind has changed when it comes to Iaido. I don’t know what, can’t put a finger on it, but today I had a moment where I connected to it in a way that I prev
  • Shohat-no
    Yesterday's evening at the dojo consisted of learning the difference between the seitei waza Ipponme Mae, and the koryu waza Shohatto. Life would be so much simpler had ta
  • Welland Iaido Seminar, 2017
    The Saturday Samurai at Beamsville District Secondary for the 2017 Welland Iaido Seminar (not in Welland this year, because it's basketball season and all the gyms were bo
  • Sensei and the Painter's Tape
    You would think this was a tree. It isn't. This is the angle of the cuts in the seitei waza So-giri. The bunkai could be either you striking one opponent multiple times, o
  • Elegant
    This is an instructional video that goes through all the twelve basic ZNKR seitei Iaido kata. However, there is a section at the end (at 35:09), where he goes through all
  • Iaido Weekend (Guelph, Etobicoke)
    Prior to taking up Iaido, I'd always used square knots in the right over left first fashion. A holdover, no doubt, from years in Brownies and Girl Guides. Right over left