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  • Oddio
    Two buildings away from me is a restaurant that, over the years, has seen a few iterations; at one time being quite the jazz and blues club. For a long time, though, there
  • Pickle
    While my main focus is singing jazz, there are also some pop songs on the list - and blues. Here's the thing about the blues: You need to learn to growl, to scream, to rea
  • If I sing you a song, will you sing along
    I haven't sung in front of another person, except a line or two as a joke, in years. My piano player got himself a non-musical day job with crazy hours, and rightly so, it
  • To sing...
    I've been reading Henry Miller's Tropic Of Cancer (and I will shortly move on to Crazy Cock when the library has it in); and to backtrack somewhat to the first few pages o
  • If you can sing, sing out loud
    Despite the fact that going for walks doesn't much thrill me (well, I don't mind it if I'm not alone), I went out for a little walk with my grandmother this evening. Just