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  • My Sword
    An iaito is an unsharpened blade (sharpened katana are called 'shinken'), generally sandcast of aluminum-zinc alloy (as opposed to a forged carbon steel shinken). They are
  • Friday night’s all right for fixing
    Tool Number One in the sword-handler’s repertoire, is apparently dental floss. Tool Number Two is clear nail polish. After long use, things can loosen up a little – partic
  • Sword / Gear
    I was hoping to get a big girl sword of my very own on Saturday, but the ones that were available in the right size for me, were not at all ‘right’. Almost a good thing an
  • Bo-hi
    I made my sword whistle the other day – rather, the sword I was borrowing that I cut myself with. This might seem like a very small accomplishment, but it’s how you know y
  • Clang
    I accidentally hit someone else’s sword in class today… with my sensei’s sword… while people were looking. I do okay when I’m only being observed by my sensei or whichever