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  • Bringing God into it? Don't.
    Why is it that whenever a traumatic event happens in a TV show, people run to the chapel for comfort? It's particularly prevalent in anything involving a hospital. Even no
  • Salvation
    After watching the first episode of Salvation last night (no specific storyline spoilers), I've come to the following thoughts: It, like a lot of "network"-made sci-fi bel
  • Characters
    Sometimes when watching a film or television programme, I am amazed when I realise that the person I'm watching actually isn't what they portray on the screen. Some actors
  • Tiny Talent Crime
    Way back when, during the dark and somewhat shameful
  • Je me souviens
    I tend to like watching things by marathon; whole seasons of a TV show, movie series, that sort of thing. When you work the hours I do, sometimes you end up with odd amoun
  • Kim's Convenience
    I have been off sitcoms for years now; avoiding them completely in favour of drama, family drama (which often has humour; but humour and comedy are not the same animal). B
  • Aftermath
    I've been watching the TV series Aftermath , and I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck's up with that. ... is it just bad sci-fi, is there some flavour of Left Behi
  • The emasculation of Asian men in popular culture
    I had a very interesting conversation today with a gentleman of Asian extraction, about the emasculation of Asian men in Western culture. Asian men can be doctors, compute
  • Supergirl
    I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I have a very high tolerance for bad sci-fi and fantasy - everything from hardcore tech sci-fi to vampires to religious overto
  • Dominion
    I've been watching the show Dominion (based on the film Legion ), the basic premise of which is that God's abandoned us all and there's a war going on between angels and h
  • Sense8
    I'm starting to think we should just let Netflix make all the TV shows. Just started watching Sense8 - which is not, I think, going to appeal to everyone, but its bizarre
  • Monday Mornings
    I've been watching a medical drama called Monday Mornings , where the question of organ donation comes up frequently. I'm an organ donor. I think everyone should be. I thi
  • Chasing Life
    Possible show spoilers and deeply offensive opinions below regarding having children. You have been warned. I've been watching a show called Chasing Life , about a 24 year
  • The Walking Dead
    You know, I'm as much a sucker for bad TV as the next person - my tolerance and endurance are marathon legendary, but even I have my limits. I was reading something earlie
  • Disappointed
    Y'know, I love Doctor Who. I've loved Doctor Who since I was eight years old, the first time I sat down to watch something horribly creepy with Jon Pertwee in it. I like M
  • Other worlds
    I have been pretty impressed with the original programming that Netflix has been creating over the past couple of years; even shows I don't like are still very well done.
  • Iron Fist
    Normally, I don't go in for comic book stuff - though there are a few exceptions ( Jessica Jones , Riverdale ). But I did just finish binge-watching the Netflix series "Ir
  • Battlestar Galovetica
    Who knew? You can learn nifty new phrases from watching re-runs of Battlestar Galactica . Just for the record, I hate this show. I'm trying to remember what my feelings on