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  • Power
    This animal, they call it a horse, its body etched in chalk into the side of a hill. It watches the landscape, watches over the dragon mound, watches over the forge that w
  • Camden and Crowes
    Last year, during my visit to Blighty, I did the shopping trip to Camden Market for my DMs. I have said DMs, have just in fact taken them off, and bought (with Anna's insi
  • From one place to another
    I love to travel, I always have. It's not simply the prospect of going somewhere new that I enjoy, it's also the process of going. I like climbing aboard a train, and that
  • You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
    I stepped through the small black gate and walked along the short path until the grass-covered bosom of Greenwich Park rose rolling before me. The sky was a perfect blue,