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  • Shopping
    I tend to have a fairly boring diet - partly because I hate cooking, but also partly because I'm severely visually impaired, so all I can get at the grocery store is what'
  • Left, Left, Left Right Left
    Up until I started Iaido, I'd never given too too much thought to how much I favoured the right side of my body. I'm heavily right-side dominant. It's all to do with my vi
  • Some Ways In Which My Shitty Eyesight Impacts My Life
    The usual practice is to have a computer monitor set back from the edge of the desk some - either with blank space in front or a keyboard. This does not work for me with m
  • Futon, Electrickery, and Running Water
    I was never much of a nature person. Whatever hippie gene my mother might have had, did not get passed on to me; although a love of Otis Redding seeped through the uteran