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  • No Labour Day
    Today is Labour Day, so I am going to talk about labour-related things that tend not to get their due consideration when it comes to the out-of-work portions of our popula
  • The Modern Trap of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles
    “You can do something you love, just because you love it.” (When did I become Ask Polly?) And suddenly the sentence that both of us needed to hear came out of my mouth: “Y
  • Public Sector
    So, my job in the public sector is clearly a make-work project; and if it isn't, it sure smells like one. I can't imagine they'd pay someone to do what I'm doing on a perm
  • Since when does a corporation's right to make money, trump a human's right to eat?
    This was posted as a comment elsewhere, but I thought I'd share it: There are so many issues that need to be addressed with precarity and wages; not the least of them bein
  • Target
    Two years have passed and memories of the Target stores with its white shelves and red labels may be faint for some of us, but not for Robert Motum. When Target first anno
  • Pro-no-tion
    I found out that someone who was hired after me, got a "promotion" ahead of me. This in no fashion bothers me, as it's not a job change I'd have wanted; but what does get
  • Humans Need Not Apply
    I come from a generation of people who, when young, were told that a university education would get you a job. And for the most part, that was true. It's no longer a guara
  • Former Hamilton bank employee speaks for thousands who can't over sales pressures
    "Canada's big bank employees who are speaking out against the questionable sales tactics and pressures they face" Having worked for a bank offshoot sales program, I can ho
  • McBreakfast
    Every once in a while my job actually yields a minor reward (other than my paycheque, which I feel could be vastly weightier than it is). This morning was one of those day
  • It's all in the delivery
    We deliver all manner of things at work - food being the largest percent of the delivery pie. We are no longer (legally) allowed to deliver alcohol or cigarettes (accordin
  • The Heart of Friday Night
    Heading towards Valentine's Day... Last night was a first for me at work - I talked to a man that, literally, had a heart in his hands. He was a doctor we picked up at the
  • Wages, Income, Being Poor, Purchasing Power, The Nature of Work
    There's this idea that the reason people get paid a minimum wage, is because their work is of no value. They, in effect, *deserve* to get paid so little. That choice, that
  • Workday 1
    The trouble with working in a call centre asking about political candidates in a party you've never voted for in your life, is trying to keep your tongue from snapping off
  • Weapon Wednesday
    I’m having breakfast in the mall today (because who wouldn’t for $1.56 tax included?), and thinking about how lightweight I feel. It’s Wednesday – Sword Day – so normally
  • Hand to mouth
    I failed in clearly explaining to someone the other day, why I have problems working retail - specifically in the nature of stocking and price-checking the strips along th
  • Stop Saying "Do What You Love, Love What You Do." It Devalues Actual Work
    Stop Saying "Do What You Love, Love What You Do." It Devalues Actual Work I've never been one to subscribe to the idea that you should love your job; because if you love y
  • Let's Make A Deal
    Click the image to read the full text. One day, half-way through my last year at Blue Line, the entire dispatch staff was handed a copy of this document. Rather than offer
  • Girls’ and Boys’ Names Literally Sound Different
    Girls’ and Boys’ Names Literally Sound Different [...] résumés with “white-sounding” names are more likely to be selected than those with “black-sounding” names, for examp
  • Trials, Tribulations, Ontario Photo ID and the horse you road in on and so's your mother and jam it
    ... in your jello. So, the Ontario government makes us get photo health cards. I’m not against the idea, I just wish they’d make them more useful - because in so many ways
  • What fuckin' good is that?
    Many moons ago, when a friend lost his job, all of his friends - myself included - tried to come up with ways for him to improve his situation: Go back to school Apprentic
  • I'm a frayed knot
    My ability to tolerate my job rapidly decreases by the hour. Seemingly endless hours, one call after the other, the same rote script each time, read to people who have abo