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  • I once volunteered to participate in a psych study just so I could get one of the perks of doing so, which were copies of MRI scans of your brain. My grey matter, in grey:
  • I believe that if you want something you should ask for it
  • Sometimes I eat oranges because I like the sharp sweet smell more than I'm desirous of actually eating it.
  • I like to eat sweet things, but I don't like the smell of it on my hands afterwards.
  • For years I wouldn't get in an elevator first or get out last, because when I was five I got stuck in an elevator during a hydro company oriented power outage. They decided that a school day's lunch time was the perfect time to do some testing. Boy did they get an earful from a number of people.
  • I remember when I was 14 and my grandfather had been in a horrible car accident, laying on the floor looking up through the bottom branches of the Christmas tree, at all the colour and being completely captivated.
  • I drove a racecar to celebrate my 31st birthday. C'est moi.
  • I believe in hugs
  • I'm a sucker for costume drama.
  • I believe in dancing like a mad bastard
  • I believe in hobbies that delight you
  • I truly believe that "Frampton Comes Alive" does have restorative powers (except for the cover of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" - that can go to the devil).
  • I believe in sharing what you know with others
  • I once dressed up as the Grin Reaper for Hallowe'en.
  • I believe in strong tea
  • I believe in the right to choose
  • I don't like people watching me do housework.
  • I don't like writing with wide nib pens. I like the most microfine point I can get.
  • I love things flavoured with lime.
  • I rarely drink alone. I come from a long line of alcoholics, so I just didn't want to get into the habit of drinking by myself. I want to enjoy alcohol and drunkenness. So I keep alcohol as a social thing.
  • While I am no vegetarian (animals are nature's way of keeping meat fresh til you eat it), I am firmly against the consumption of innards. Innards are not fit food items for humans. They're... offal.
  • I love clever people.
  • I have four tattoos.
  • I believe in singing along even if you can't sing
  • I believe in making the most of it
  • I miss writing letters, getting letters. There's an irreplaceable kind of joy in coming home to proper mail, a thick packet of letter and photos and little things. I think that would make me enormously happy, to get a proper letter again.
  • I keep a notebook in which I write a list of things to be happy about. I've been building it for years.
  • My heart breaks for other people all the time.
  • I believe in creating with abandon and careful planning
  • I am amazed by math nerds and wish I was one.
  • I miss the redness of my hair. It's gone all blonde.
  • I believe in being left alone and in being sociable
  • I once cut myself with bubble wrap.
  • My biggest regret is all the time I've wasted.
  • I am grossed out by potato eyes.
  • I never learned how to put on any makeup other than lipstick.
  • For a long time when I was a child, I wouldn't walk right up to my bed if the lights were out. I'd get about a foot away then jump onto it. I blame this on the movie "Bluebeard's Ghost" and that scene where he's looking into the mirror and the ghost appears behind him.
  • I believe in being mad as a hatter
  • I believe that sometimes you need to do the things you're most afraid of
  • When I was five I had an imaginary friend named Charlie Brokentoaster.
  • I like attention. I don't like being the centre of attention.
  • One of my favourite things in the world is the tenor solo in the Ode to Joy, and the way it creeps up on you every time - kind of like how Brain Damage/Eclipse creeps up on you and surprises you every time at the end of Dark Side of the Moon - I never get tired of that.
  • I love walking outside at night right after a heavy snowfall.
  • I think a lot more highly of a lot of people than they probably realise I do. I need to do something about that.
  • I believe that each of us is a far better and far worse person than anyone else believes us to be
  • I believe in surrounding yourself with books
  • I believe that you should work to live not live to work
  • I believe in not playing weak simply to gain an advantage
  • If I knew how to swim, and wasn't terrified of the idea, I'd love to learn how to surf.
  • I believe in being liberal
  • I believe that rock and roll ain't noise pollution
  • I believe that if life hands you lemons, you should make pie - everything is better with pie
  • My household theme song is Tim Curry's "I Do the Rock"
  • Best days ever include: Weapon Wednesday / Dojo Day - Gary Day (any day on which I get to see Gary Numan live) - New Toothbrush Day / Dentist Cleaned My Teeth Day - New Art Supplies Arrive in the Mail Day - Friday
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